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Erin Bonett

GLC2000 has definitely sped up my recovery

I started taking GLC2000 after competing in the London Throwdown 2013 & I have been taking it ever since!

I had heard great things about it but I am big believer in trying something first before recommending it or selling it in my box.

I wasn’t carrying any injuries that I knew of at the time but I had very achy knees walking up & down stairs in the morning and at night.

After a short time of thinking “This stuff is brilliant, I feel great” I got in touch with the guys at GLC2000 & we have been selling it at CrossFit IOM ever since.

Erin BOL CleanSince then I had remained injury free until summer this year when my left hip ‘popped’ catching an 85kg clean. I had a scan to suggest that I had some damage to the hip capsule and ligament and at first I was absolutely sure that I would need an operation however after 3 months of continued GLC2000 and rehabilitation I am almost back to full fitness.

If I wasn’t taking GLC2000 then I am certain that my recovery would have been much longer.

When our luggage was lost on the last training camp to Marbella I was in a position where I couldn’t take GLC2000 for 12 days whilst our luggage was located and returned. The first thing I did when the luggage arrived was check that everything was still in there and took my GLC2000. I could definitely notice the difference from not taking it.

As a box owner, we promote GLC2000 to our members and our members also promote it to other members as they speak very highly of it. I think with a supplement like GLC2000 it sells itself with it’s great results.

Erin Bonett
Gym Owner, Coach, Physio, Crossfit Athlete


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Why GLC2000?

GLC2000 takes the science of joint supplementation to the next level. Our results driven formula provides the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, all four readily absorbable forms of glucosamine that your body can use, alongside the purest chondroitin sulfate. The result is a product that has made a difference to tens of thousands of people over the course of a decade and a half.

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Improving Joint Health

Your joint tissue is up to 85% water: drink more of it. Vary your protein sources to ensure you have enough amino acids for collagen production. Green leafy vegetables combined with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables are more powerful than you will ever know. Exercise often, move well through full range of motion. Weights will do more good than harm with correct technique. Your body is able to create new cartilage and connective tissue slowly; use science to help it. Supplement with all four types of glucosamine and highest quality chondroitin to ensure efficacy and efficiency of your total joint health strategy.

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