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Masters Online Qualifiers 2018

With the Crossfit Games 2018 Age Group qualifiers almost upon us; here’s a quick look at some of the top UK masters athletes. Each year the masters categories get more competitive, with previous Rx’d Games athletes moving up. Top masters athletes are training harder than ever before, often fitting in […]

Damien St Ledger – KBT Education Senior Educator

Dealing with chronic knee issues I’ve always struggled with my knees, I’d tried every supplement and treatment out there. When I first heard of GLC2000 I just thought it was an overpriced glucosamine that was well advertised and marketed. Eventually my training got to the stage where I couldn’t lift […]

Matthew Lee

‘Its true what they say, you get what you pay for’ A year or so ago I had some ongoing discomfort in my knee and took some cheap glucosamine tablets that I got from a supermarket. They had literally no effect. This pretty much made my mind up that joint […]

Bobbie Ross – Weightlifting Wrist Injury

I’ve had weak wrists for as long as I can remember. Meaning that I would wear wrist supports almost every session, as I knew they were going to hurt. I also struggled with sore hips after heavy squatting sessions, as an Olympic Weightlifter I am usually squatting four or more […]

Noorin Gulam – Overcoming Knee Tendinopathy

‘Let’s talk about knees.. and elbows, wrists, shoulders, ankles, hips while we’re at it. If you lift/lead a lifestyle in sport you NEED to invest in GLC2000 its just the best thing. If you actually ever read my captions you’ll know I struggle with my crappy knees but I’ve been […]

Open 18.5 Mobility Guide – Improve Thoracic Mobility & Decrease Hip Tightness

Open Workout Déjà vu If you’ve been doing Crossfit as long as we have you probably have mixed feelings about the announcement of Crossfit Open Workout 18.5.  “Who votes for thrusters anyway?!?!” On the plus side it gives you a chance to prove you are fitter than you were in 2011 […]

Crossfit Regional Athletes Overcoming Long Term Wrist Injuries

The wrist is one of the most frustrating places Crossfit athletes can get injured. Almost all upper body movements involve the wrist, as do the majority of compound movements including the olympic lifts, gymnastics moves and other barbell work. The wrist a small junction where a lot of ligaments, tendons […]

18.4 Mobility and Activation Guide

Heavy Deadlift Edition There is no shying away from the fact that 18.4 is a lot of deadlifts. These will tax you midline and then going upside down for HSPU and handstand walks is going to cause you to move from lower back flexion to extension in a fatigued state. […]

18.3 Mobility Guide

Focussing on improving overhead positioning and kipping efficiency 18.3 is a lot of double unders followed by some quite technical movements. Overhead squats, dumbbell snatches and muscle ups are tricky enough when you’ve not just done 100’s of double unders. Mobilising your upper back and shoulders before this workout will […]

Open 18.2 Mobility & Warmup Guide

Tips to get your glutes & posterior chain firing, and improve your front rack. Workout 18.2 is another chance for those the dumbbells to have an outing, this time in a couplet with the new burpee standard. 18.2 is an ascending couplet of 1-10 DB squats and bar facing burpees. […]

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GLC2000 takes the science of joint supplementation to the next level. Our results driven formula provides the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, all four readily absorbable forms of glucosamine that your body can use, alongside the purest chondroitin sulfate. The result is a product that has made a difference to tens of thousands of people over the course of a decade and a half.

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Your joint tissue is up to 85% water: drink more of it. Vary your protein sources to ensure you have enough amino acids for collagen production. Green leafy vegetables combined with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables are more powerful than you will ever know. Exercise often, move well through full range of motion. Weights will do more good than harm with correct technique. Your body is able to create new cartilage and connective tissue slowly; use science to help it. Supplement with all four types of glucosamine and highest quality chondroitin to ensure efficacy and efficiency of your total joint health strategy.

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