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Mobility & Movement Seminar

Principles For Coaches To Assess And Improve Mobility & Movement Presented by Mobilise Activate Perform & GLC2000 Most people understand that they should be doing something to look after their joints, loosen up and increase their flexibility. There is a wealth of information available, but having access to a library […]

Nicholas Parpa

Since my early teens I have always wanted to be a boxer. I had my first amateur bout in 2004 at the age of 13, and after 10 years and countless fights as an amateur I obtained my professional boxing license. Understandably I threw myself even more into my training, […]

Crossfit Games 2017 UK Athletes To Watch // GLC2000

The 2017 Crossfit Games is now less than one week away, so here is our rundown of UK athletes who are heading to Madison to test their fitness. Samantha Briggs The 2013 Crossfit Games champion needs no introduction. Sam is a Games veteran, who at the age of 35 managed […]

Shoulder Rehab Q&A // Samantha Briggs

At the highest level of sport, injuries do happen. Crossfit athletes are constantly pushing the envelope of fitness, moving heavier weights, faster, and for more reps. This ever increasing volume constantly puts strain on joints and connective tissues, which are much slower to adapt and repair than muscle. Most of […]

Cathy Wilson

‘Crossfit Games Masters Athlete Overcoming Shoulder Impingement & Elbow Tendinitis’ I first heard of GLC2000 when I competed in the 4 nations Crossfit competition in July 2014. Other Crossfit masters athletes on the team where already using it and it came highly recommended. “GLC2000 meant I was no longer scared […]

Crossfit Meridian Regionals Athletes To Watch // GLC2000

Supporting Regionals Athletes Back in January GLC2000 ran a small training camp ahead of the Crossfit Open. Life as a top athlete can be quite solitary, following specialist programming in a quiet or deserted gym 6-7 days a week. So we got some top athletes together in Manchester, the spiritual […]

Maintaining Joint Health As We Age

As we age, things that we could once do without a second thought leave us aching and feeling sore. Repeating this process over time starts to cause little niggles or can lead to serious injuries. Aches and niggles can drastically affect our quality of life and happiness. They can stop […]

17.5 Mobility Guide

Mobility to Reduce Your Fatigue During High Rep Double Unders & Thrusters Open workout 17.5 brings together a couplet of 2 classic Crossfit movements. It’s no surprise to see either of these movements, but the rep scheme is a little unusual.  Neither the 9 thrusters nor the 35 double unders […]

17.4 Mobility Guide

Are You Fitter Than Last Year? Testing your fitness is what the Crossfit Open is all about. There’s no better way to do that than to repeat a highly metabolic chipper from 12 months ago! 17.4 combines 4 complimentary movements in a high reps, so your muscles are ready to […]

Katarina Wiemeyer

Mobility, Recovery & Injury Prevention for Weightlifters Weightlifting is a tough sport, there are so many benefits that come from strength training, however recovery and looking after yourself is very important. A few weeks ago we helped our coach out being demo models and extra pairs of eyes when he […]

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GLC2000 takes the science of joint supplementation to the next level. Our results driven formula provides the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, all four readily absorbable forms of glucosamine that your body can use, alongside the purest chondroitin sulfate. The result is a product that has made a difference to tens of thousands of people over the course of a decade and a half.

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Joint Care

Improving Joint Health

Your joint tissue is up to 85% water: drink more of it. Vary your protein sources to ensure you have enough amino acids for collagen production. Green leafy vegetables combined with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables are more powerful than you will ever know. Exercise often, move well through full range of motion. Weights will do more good than harm with correct technique. Your body is able to create new cartilage and connective tissue slowly; use science to help it. Supplement with all four types of glucosamine and highest quality chondroitin to ensure efficacy and efficiency of your total joint health strategy.

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