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18.4 Mobility and Activation Guide

Heavy Deadlift Edition There is no shying away from the fact that 18.4 is a lot of deadlifts. These will tax you midline and then going upside down for HSPU and handstand walks is going to cause you to move from lower back flexion to extension in a fatigued state. […]

18.3 Mobility Guide

Focussing on improving overhead positioning and kipping efficiency 18.3 is a lot of double unders followed by some quite technical movements. Overhead squats, dumbbell snatches and muscle ups are tricky enough when you’ve not just done 100’s of double unders. Mobilising your upper back and shoulders before this workout will […]

Open 18.2 Mobility & Warmup Guide

Tips to get your glutes & posterior chain firing, and improve your front rack. Workout 18.2 is another chance for those the dumbbells to have an outing, this time in a couplet with the new burpee standard. 18.2 is an ascending couplet of 1-10 DB squats and bar facing burpees. […]

Open 18.1 Mobility Tips

Helping You Improve Your Kipping Efficiency and Overhead Position Congratulations if you managed to stay up and watch GLC2000 athlete Sam Briggs smash Crossfit Open workout 18.1 in the live announcement overnight in São Paulo, Brazil. Don’t worry if you haven’t watch it yet, there are no spoilers here. Workout […]

Crossfit Open 2018 Masters Athletes To Watch

The Crossfit Games Season 2018 is almost upon us, and it’s looking to be the biggest Open yet. Last year’s competition boasted 380,000 entries, an amazing 41% of entries were masters athletes. That meant more than 148,000 masters signed up and half of these fell into the 35-39 category. This […]

Alex Clarke – Stubborn Wrist Injury

In the Summer of 2014 I injured my wrist catching a heavy clean. It slipped off my shoulder and bent my wrist at a very awkward angle. As a full time coach this did more than affect my training, it meant I struggled to demo even the most basic of […]

Lee Howe – Labrum Tear Recovery

Recovering from Shoulder surgery 2x as fast with GLC2000 Over the years the left side of my upper body has been battered through competing in Crossfit. Back in 2010 I lost a heavy kettlebell snatch behind me and refused to drop the ‘bell. This caused me to dislocate my left […]

Tom Dunphy – Shoulder SLAP tear recovery

My name is Tom Dunphy. I am the owner and head coach at CrossFit Waterford in Ireland. Ive been CrossFitting for almost 5 years and was previously involved in kickboxing and Muay Thai. In early 2011 I developed a pain in my right shoulder and was later diagnosed with a […]

Mobility & Movement Seminar

Principles For Coaches To Assess And Improve Mobility & Movement Presented by Mobilise Activate Perform & GLC2000 Most people understand that they should be doing something to look after their joints, loosen up and increase their flexibility. There is a wealth of information available, but having access to a library […]

Nicholas Parpa

Since my early teens I have always wanted to be a boxer. I had my first amateur bout in 2004 at the age of 13, and after 10 years and countless fights as an amateur I obtained my professional boxing license. Understandably I threw myself even more into my training, […]

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