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Sam Briggs

Crossfit Games Champion
I have been using GLC2000 to support my training and recovery since 2012. No other joint care supplement I have tried has given me anywhere near the same benefits. I’ve only run out a few times, but I really noticed the effect on my recovery between sessions and how mobile I felt whilst training. It’s great to know that after a few days of getting back on GLC2000 that all that soreness and those little niggles just disappear. When I travel it’s the first supplement in my bag.


Spencer Whiteley

Crossfit Masters Athlete
I started Crossfit after I was medically discharged from the army as a result of a near fatal injury whilst serving in Iraq in 2007.
After 3 years in rehab, I could just about walk. I had no strength, zero mobility and ached constantly. I tried tonnes of things to try and deal with my aches. I was recommneded GLC2000, and within 6 weeks I felt noticeably less sore.
GLC2000 keeps my aches and soreness under control. Not only do I feel fit, but I feel fitter than ever.

Emma McQuaid

Multi time Crossfit Regionals Competitor
After a massive knee injury I did a lot of research into what products I could use to speed up my recovery, and try to make sure I never had an injury like this again. GLC2000 kept coming up, not only did it appear to be a great quality product, but I could not ignore all the positive customer and athlete feedback about it. I know that with GLC2000 to support my joint health I can train hard, recover fast and do my best to stay injury free.


Liam Holborn

Crossfit Masters Athlete
Regularly training and competing in Crossfit events alongside a full-time physical job takes it toll on my knees and ankles. Although I’ve never had a serious joint injury, I would regularly ache and pick up niggles.
GLC2000 changed that for me, I’ve used other joint supplements in the past which have had very little effect, but GLC2000 is another level. I have been using the product to consistently support my training, and those dull aches are a thing of the past. I feel privileged to represent a brand where the products help to improve my performance and quality of life.

Erin Bonett

Crossfit Athlete
GLC2000 is a supplement that I have used consistently since 2013. I never really had any joint injuries, but training multiple times a day alongside coaching and taking physiotherapy clients meant that I always ached. My knees were especially sore, at the age of 23 they used to hurt going up the stairs! After six weeks of using GLC2000 that was no longer the case.
If I stop taking GLC2000 for a week or so those old aches return, and it makes everything I do inside and outside the gym so much harder.

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Why GLC2000?

GLC2000 takes the science of joint supplementation to the next level. Our results driven formula provides the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, all four readily absorbable forms of glucosamine that your body can use, alongside the purest chondroitin sulfate. The result is a product that has made a difference to tens of thousands of people over the course of a decade and a half.

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Joint Care

Improving Joint Health

Your joint tissue is up to 85% water: drink more of it. Vary your protein sources to ensure you have enough amino acids for collagen production. Green leafy vegetables combined with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables are more powerful than you will ever know. Exercise often, move well through full range of motion. Weights will do more good than harm with correct technique. Your body is able to create new cartilage and connective tissue slowly; use science to help it. Supplement with all four types of glucosamine and highest quality chondroitin to ensure efficacy and efficiency of your total joint health strategy.

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